1. Where will the Divine Liturgy and Sacraments take place during

  • Divine Liturgy and Sacraments will continue to take place in the Martel Hall, and occasionally in the gymnasium.

2. Will we have the opportunity to learn more and participate in the campaign

  • Yes, there will be many opportunities to volunteer. We will also hold several
    informational presentations throughout the fundraising and construction process.

3. Does the plan have adequate parking?

  • We will continue to have access to over 300 parking spaces within
    two blocks of the Cathedral. We will make sure that we have plenty
    of designated handicapped spaces for Sundays.

4. How confident are we about the cost estimate?

  • We continuously monitor our overall cost estimate and are confident
    we will be able to finish the project within our original budget.

5. Will the Church incur any permanent financing?

  • We raised over 90% of the $12.5 million in pledges
    prior to breaking ground. We will eventually incur construction financing in 2018,
    but we expect that it will be paid off within a five year period as families pay off
    their pledges. No permanent financing is anticipated.

6. Will we only have one Liturgy after we expand?

  • No decisions have been made about going to one Liturgy.
  • This expansion will allow many more people to attend church either
    for the first Liturgy (when we are typically at full capacity) or when
    we only have one Liturgy (currently 50% of the Sundays). Also, we
    will be able to celebrate Holy Week services in our Cathedral,
    instead of the gymnasium. Lastly, renovating and expanding our
    Cathedral will enable further growth in our community.